Welcome to the Drye Blue site.  The band’s last album, originally released in 1994 has been remastered and rereleased by Silver Moon Records.  Enjoy the same groovy songs but better attuned for this new digital age.

A Bit of History

Silver Moon Records was running through materials and rediscovered this little gem of an album by a great rock band from Montreal.  The band was very active on the Montreal rock scene between 1989 and 1995, releasing several cassettes (!!) and a CD.

The band was part of the Much Music video program and a video was produced and aired for the song Music Man, which was nominated for he Much Music independent video awards.  Now if only footage of that video could be found… even youtube seems to have its limitations!


Drye Blue rocked the Montreal music scene from 1989 to 1995.  Composed of Derek Bowen, Mitch St-Germain, Marty Périard and Serge Leblanc, the band released its last album — Green Time Mind Find — in 1994.

Silver Moon Records acquired the album, remastered it and rereleased it in digital format in September 2016.


Clearing houses, please contact Martin-Alexandre Beaulieu of Silver Moon Records for rights clearance and publishing agreements.

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